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Buttercup of Doom

Buttercup of Doom is a weekly podcast hosted by Kelli Owen and brought to you by Project Entertainment Network. Everyone else is doing reviews and news and genre-based things, and Kelli’s never been very good at following the crowd. So each week Kelli will offer writing advice, share a smile, rant about society or social media, toss a bit of gypsy wisdom out there, and occasionally have guests. There will be highs. There will be lows. There will be swearing (you’ve been warned). There might be cookies.

Sep 12, 2017

This week I can't even... which means as I spew about the term, as well as the problem, known as Adulting, my blood pressure means this one is completely NSFW: language. 

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Coming up: genre - location location location - rules - dumbing down America - legalizing pot - little white lies - and whatever you suggest I whine about. So suggest something, already!

*to boil an egg: put water in pot. turn on heat (burner/flame/etc). once it is boiling, gently add eggs. set timer for 13 minutes**. go scrub your f**king toilet. take off heat. tip pan into sink and pour hot water out (not the eggs. use a lid or something to hold them there). add really cold water. drain again. cold water. drain. add cold water and let sit on stove/counter. go dust the tops of all the frames and clocks. remove from water. dry off. use sharpie to draw faces on eggs (that's how you tell the boiled from the raw, duh). put in fridge.  you're welcome. 

**13 minutes is the exact time needed for a. perfectly yellow insides, not that overdone green color, and b. if you slap it against the counter and roll it back and forth, the shell will come off in one piece... handy.